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Once Upon a Time….

24 Jan

Have you ever won a contest? a drawing? the lottery?

Back in December I entered a contest by  Applegate Farms. All I had to do was post my best brunch tip. For me, this was a great exercise since:

a. Although I’ve participated in many brunches in the past, I’ve never actually hosted a brunch.

b. I write fiction.

So I thought  about what I would do if I was to give a brunch. This is what I came up with:

…. the most important thing when planning a brunch is variety. Make sure there is a balance of salty and sweet items. Have a “heavy” entree (egg and Applegate Farms bacon tacos for example) as well as lighter fare (fruit salad). Big pots of coffee, juices and of course mimosas should keep everyone and every taste happy!

Dear Readers – I WON.

The prize? A YEAR OF BACON!

A few days ago I received my first shipment. Applegate Farms was generous enough to include a variety of their products as well as the – you know – bacon.

First Shipment!

What would you do with all this deli goodness? As for the family and myself, we just started eating. But I’d love to hear what recipes, ideas, pointers you have for bacon and bacon’s yummy cousins sausage, links, bratwurst, etc….

Please stay tuned to this semi-weekly blog as I use  your ideas and experiment with bacon recipes, enjoy bacon trivia (bacon bits – get it? Eh, never mind) and find answers to the following questions:

How much bacon makes up a year’s worth of bacon?

What do you DO with so much bacon?

How can you eat a year of bacon without having to buy new and bigger pants?

Yours in bacon,